Announcing F2C2 2014 Sponsors

Seattle Chefs Collaborative could not produce the Farmer-Fisher-Chef Connection without generous support from sponsors. We are happy to announce the following businesses and organizations are sponsoring this year's F2C2. Platinum: Taylor Shellfish. Gold: Cedarbrook Lodge. Silver: On Safari Foods, Central Coop, Bon Appetite Management Company, Alaska Air, Pedersen's Rentals. Bronze: Shepherd's Grain, Tom Douglas Restaurants, Ethan Stowell Restaurant Group, Sleeping Lady Resort, Cafe Vita, Slow Money NW, Choice Teas, Fidalgo Bay Coffee, Medosweet, and Salumi.


2014 Farmer-Fisher-Chef Connection: Innovators and Innovation

Monday, February 24, 2014 - 8:00am to 4:30pm

F2C2 LogoF2C2 is Seattle Chefs Collaborative's biggest event of the year! We are proud of the connections brokered each year, bringing independent food producers together with the chefs, buyers and distributors who want to work directly with the people who grow, catch, harvest and forage the great tastes of the Pacific Northwest. Consistently, tracking surveys have shown that this event generates at least $1 million in new sales in our local food economy each year. F2C2 showcases and connects the producers and buyers who care about local, sustainable and delicious. Register at Brown Paper Tickets

Each year, F2C2 kicks off with a keynote presentation that expands on the event’s theme, this year’s theme being Innovators and Innovation. Seattle-based chefs Maxim Bilet and Thierry Rautureau will share the keynote speaker role as innovators who have changed the way the world cooks and eats. The two chefs will interview each other about their journey from unknown to influential, and keeping it sustainable.

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